Continuing Education is a requirement for your license renewal. Below are links to the continuing education requirements for each state.
At the Frederick Academy of Real Estate, Continuing Education is our specialty! Offering the latest updates in legislation, laws, ethics and practices.

Courses can be created to include only those areas that you or your group require and presented at your site. Combine several topics into one course and spread out over a period of time, the Frederick Academy can maximize your time, enhance your personal knowledge and provide unparalleled course content, all while earning the required continuing education course hours as required by law. Contact us ~ let us tailor a course of instruction to your specifications ~ relevant to your market.

Frederick Academy of Real Estate General Course Offerings

Course Title Credit Hours Course Title Credit Hours
Advertisements and Advertising (F) 3.0 Fair Housing (C) 3.0
MREC Agency - Residential (H) 3.0 Fair Housing Law (C) 1.5
MREC Agency - Commercial (H) 3.0 MD Fair Housing - Fair Housing Advertising 1.5
The Anatomy of a House (F) 6.0 Fair Housing Testing (Short) (C) 1.5
Anatomy of a House: The Condensed Version (F) 3.0 Fair Housing Testing (Long) (C) 3.0
Anti-Trust (B) 3.0 Financing (F) 3.0
Practice of Appraising (F) 3.0 Foreclosure Prevention Loan Modification (F) 3.0
Assignment and Subleasing (F) 3.0 Land Installment Contracts (F) 3.0
Understanding the Bankruptcy Reform Act (F) 3.0 Lead-Based Paint and Other Environmental Hazards (F) 3.0
Basic Property Management (F) 3.0 Lease Options v Delayed Settlement (F) 3.0
Building a Better Open (F) 3.0 2016-2019 MD & Federal Legislative Issues (A) 3.0
CDA Financing (F) 3.0 Real Estate Hot Buttons (F) 3.0
Charitable Donations of Real Estate (F) 3.0 Letters of Intent (F) 3.0
Commercial Administrative Process (F) 3.0 MREC Required Supervision Course (I) 3.0
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate (F) 3.0 Managing and Minimizing Risk (F) 3.0
Maryland Commercial REstate Broker's Lien Act (F) 1.5 Material & Confidential Facts (F) 1.5
Commercial Real Estate Hot Buttons (F) 3.0 Negotiate from Strength (F) 3.0
Commercial Investment Real Estate Overview (F) 3.0 Procuring Cause (F) 3.0
Common Settlement Problems (F) 3.0 Real Estate Investment Fundamentals (F) 3.0
Contract Addenda (F) 3.0 Renewal and Expansion Options (F) 3.0
Contracts: Formation & Termination (F) 3.0 The Residential Home Inspection (F) 3.0
Contract Offers (F) 3.0 Residential Leasing (F) 3.0
Creative Financing for Real Estate Investment (F) 3.0 Retail Site Selection (F) 3.0
Deferred Exchanges and Capital Gains Tax (F) 3.0 Risk Avoidance Techniques (F) 1.5
Disclosure (F) 3.0 Risk Reduction Practices (F) 3.0
Dispute Avoidance and Resolution (F) 3.0 Risk Management, Antitrust, Misrepresentation & Advertising: An Overview (F) 3.0
Environmental Issues (F) 3.0 Serving the Unsold Seller (F) 3.0
Ethical Practice (F) 1.5 Short Sales-MARS & Beyond (F) 3.0
Maryland Code of Ethics and Predatory Lending (D) 3.0 Tenant-In-Common (TIC) Investments (F) 3.0
Maryland: Case Studies I (F) 3.0 Use of Personal Assistants (F) 1.5
Maryland: Case Studies II (F) 3.0 VA Financing (F) 3.0
Maryland: Case Studies III (F) 3.0 Wetlands Regulation and Riparian Rights (F) 3.0
Ethical Case Studies (F) 3.0 What's Material? (F) 3.0
FHA Programs (F) 3.0    

The courses listed above are just some of the many that are offered to the individual broker/sales person. Please check our Course Schedule page for a complete listing of those courses on our current schedule, including the dates and locations.

We also offer contiuning education and pre-licensing courses online. Please visit our Online Courses page for more information.